January 26, 2022

Top Five Must Have Mobile Games

What do you enjoy most about online games? Do you love role playing games or perhaps card games or perhaps arcade games? Well, I can tell you about my top ten favorite online games and I would be more than surprised if you finished reading this article and not only knew what they were but actually played them yourself today and you don’t even have to download them to play! Well there is no need to worry because you can still enjoy these games and they are just waiting on you right now. Just go ahead and click on one of these fun online games below.

Number 10 in my list of the best games is a battle royale. Well there you have it; the top ten best online games to keep your players entertained these days. When most people think of an internet game they tend to think of either LoL or Fortnite, but both of these qq online games are amazing and a must own for any serious gamer. Battle royale is one of the newest entries in this genre and it is very unique in the fact that you do not see your favorite heroes or war heroes on the top screen at all. Instead you will see your competitor on the bottom screen and it is up to you to destroy every enemy you come across as quickly as possible.

Number eight on my list of the best online games is escape rooms and murder mysteries. Escape rooms are fun online games where you help the chef create the perfect dish and then help him escape from the restaurant before time runs out. The chef will be faced with several obstacles that he must overcome in order to successfully cook the dishes you design, but with the right strategy he can also avoid being cooked by the hungry mob inside the restaurant. And when you are working with your co-worker and fellow chef you will be challenged both mentally and physically to not only create the most delicious dish but also one that can defend its owner from the many predators waiting on the outside.

Number seven on my list of the top ten must have games on mobile devices is another old school runescape game called God mode. This game is so fun that players will stay on their toes and constantly try to beat the system so they can get a higher seed level and ultimately the goal is to become God. You will need to make sure you stay honest too because unlike other god games you will be punished when you botch. In God mode you will be given instructions to build something or solve a puzzle, and once you do you will have to defend your island with a whip of some sort against waves of angry birds, sharks and other sea creatures. In this fun online game the goal is survival.

Number six on the long list of fun online games I want to mention for your entertainment pleasure is nebulous. This one point five game lets you take control of a very Lexulous creature who is always seen as having an upper hand on everything. Players can spend hours just trying to figure out how to defeat this formidable foe while unlocking upgrades along the way.

Number five on the long list I have to include here for your enjoyment pleasure is one of the best spreadsheet wars out there and it is none other than the battle for Normandy. This fun online games allow players to create a personalized board that features the famous beaches that were key in the Normandy Invasion. As in any board game players will need to send their ships into battle and defend their area against any enemy ships that may be trying to attack them. Players can send their ships into battle on land as well as on the high seas as part of a massive invasion by the French.

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