January 26, 2022

California Greening Expo

The annual Flower & Garden show is one of the best events for anyone who loves to nurture their lawn and garden. This is a great place for those who live in the mountains to visit and enjoy the flowers and plants that they grow year round. The annual Flower & Garden show is held in Idaho, every year in March. The biggest flower & garden show here is an ideal kick off to spring with everything that you need to create your garden and yard beautiful!

The flower & garden show features five hundred exhibitors showcasing everything from landscaping, houseplants, vegetables, fruit trees and many other floral displays. Each year over one hundred floral professionals from throughout the United States will attend the show to share their best use of flora, plants, flowers, and landscape architecture. This is a place where you can get inspiration for designing your next floral display or simply find out what is in. The show also features top-notch gardens, designers and nurseries from throughout the US. It’s a great place to find information on becoming a member, and for the best use of your money when it comes to purchasing a new piece of garden furniture. Click here for more information Ryan Colson

One of the highlights of any Flower & Garden show is the floral competition, or “flowers show”. Each year over forty floral professionals attend the show to present their best work in a number of categories. The show also includes workshops that teach horticulture techniques, caring for gardens, planting techniques, nursery gardening, pest control and much more. There are always several award presentations at the garden show including the outstanding gardens category, best combination of flowers, and the overall floral competition.

Other events at the show include the Plant to Table Competition, a showcase for local and international exhibitors, lectures on various topics such as horticulture, vegetable gardening, fruit trees and more. Come February and experience what makes a healthy, vibrant garden, and what is possible with new technology. Get the latest trends in horticulture and Gardening technology. Be part of the Green movement as the next generation of farmers grows healthier and wiser. Take home many useful tips, designs and ideas for planting and decorating with environmentally friendly products. Enjoy food and drink from local and regional food producers as well as free educational seminars on how to grow and preserve food.

The Best Choice Award is given to horticulture and gardening shows that have proven to be most beneficial to the environment and to the gardener. At the show, you will find that the leading industry practitioners in horticulture and gardening present their latest technological innovations and products. The Best Choice award is based on scientific principles that the practices and decisions put into place by the exhibitor must not harm birds, wildlife or the ecosystems. This award goes to those horticulture and gardening shows that take a stand and make sure that the people and the planet do not suffer from harmful environmental practices and choices. While every show has its share of the Best Choice Awards, the Plant Hardiness Program is unique and one of a kind in the gardening world.

Check out the website for more information on the Best Choice Award and all the other contests and jamfests happening during the month of February in Los Angeles, California. Gardeners and horticulturalists from all over California will converge on the region for an amazing week of talks, discussions, educational activities, networking and more. Join in on the conversation and learn how to participate in the California Greening Expo in February!

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