August 10, 2022

Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Money on Energy Costs in the Winter

When the cold winter months to come, thousands of individuals contact Portland furnace repair professionals due to a central issue with their furnace. Whether it is a residential or commercial setting, almost every furnace suffers from the same basic issues. By understanding what the biggest furnace problems are, you are able to take much more proactive steps to avoid them. Many companies will give free furnace inspection reports that allow you to find problems before they become major obstacles in the operation of your furnace. Even if you decide to not have a furnace overhaul, these inspections are still a good way to keep your furnace running efficiently.

The biggest furnace issue that plagues furnaces is the loss of heat through the heating system. While this seems like a simple issue, if left unaddressed over time, it could lead to dangerously high heat bills that put the furnace out of commission for a substantial period of time. Over time, heating system components wear down and deteriorate. The longer it takes for these components to return to optimal operating temperature, the more expensive it becomes to run the furnace.

While there are countless parts that can break down, the main culprits tend to be electrical components. The two most popular pieces of equipment for furnaces are the thermostat and heating oil tank. Because both are extremely important, they need to be replaced regularly. If you don’t feel that it is necessary to have the heating oil tank replaced, you should have your thermostat looked at by a professional to determine whether or not it needs to be repaired or replaced. As always, smart touch energy washers and dryers should be inspected annually.

If your furnace is beginning to overheat more than is comfortable, it is time to consider routine maintenance. While most homeowners think of routine maintenance as a one-time task when it comes to their heaters, this is not always the case. In fact, many repairs can be completed on an annual basis, saving you money over the long run and improving the performance of your heating system as well. Taking on regular furnace repairs to prevent costly repairs in the spring and fall will ensure that you heat your home efficiently this winter and into the future.

Another common area where repairs occur is with the blower motor of your furnace. If you find that the blower motor is beginning to make abnormal noises or is simply not operating properly, this is another area in which you should have your furnace repair expert look at. Blower motors tend to develop problems in the winter when temperatures drop and condensation builds up in the tubes. If the condensation is not removed before winterizes, it could cause your central air conditioning system to become overworked and result in unexpected crashes or meltdowns. Regular maintenance can help keep your system performing at peak efficiency this season.

One final area in which regular furnace repair can save you money is with the thermostat. The thermostat is the device in your furnace that allows you to adjust the heat setting to maintain a comfortable temperature for your home. As you may know, there are three different heat settings you can use – low, medium, and high. A problem with your thermostat could cause your home to either not reach the set temperature desired or to stay around the set temperature too long. By taking advantage of furnace repair services performed by a qualified technician, you can help prevent these potentially dangerous situations from occurring.