May 28, 2022

Latest Developments in Apple Company after the Pandemic

Apple Inc. is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. They sell smartphones, wearable, tablets, computers and other electronic accessories.

This company has stocks on NASDAQ, namely, AAPL Stock. Apple is growing at a faster speed after the Covid-19 fear died down.

The Smartphone market is very competitive. Apple is the only company which is able to give tough competition to all the old as well as new smartphones manufacturers.

It faces competition from companies like Amazon, Dell, Netflix, Google and Microsoft. Each of these companies has faced the initial burn of the pandemic. AAPL Stock value went down during that time.

But After that, Apple made some new developments and emerged as strong as ever.

Apple’s Developments:

Apple has gone through various new changes and developments. Here are some of the recent developments in the company.

September Revenue: Apple has made a record high revenue in September. The company has earned revenue of $64.7 billion. The growth in revenue came from the increase in the sale if Macs as people started working from home. 

  • Antitrust Lawsuit: 

Apple has been in the news because of the antitrust lawsuit issue. The US Department of Justice has filed this suit. It is against Alphabet Inc. If there is any problem between the two companies, Apple will face a major problem.

  • Apple’s iPhone 12 Lineup:

On 13th October, Apple finally revealed the new lineup of iPhone 12 series. The made a video presentation and announced other Apple products as well. These new models of the iPhone come with a faster chip. They have 5G speed and improved camera. The pricing of the phone also changed. The price of the iPhone 12 increased to $799. They are charging $100 more than the previous version.

  • Investigation: 

The 16-months investigation is finally over. The House Judiciary conducted this investigation to check the business practices of the top tech companies. Apple, along with Google, Facebook and Amazon, were a part of the investigation. On 6th October, they released their recommendations. They are going to change some laws so that there is no digital monopoly. It is a 450-page report. It shows how these companies affect and dominate the tech industry. They are going to change the antitrust law to prevent any such thing.

  • Annual Event:

On 15th September, Apple annual event took place. It took place at the Steve Jobs Theatre. Due to the pandemic, it was held via video streaming. In this event, they launched new watches and iPad Air.  You can get more information from

These are the latest developments in the company. Apple has been in the news for all these events.