January 26, 2022

Finding the Best Social Podcast App

Social media has become an increasingly important part of the modern online business and there are a huge variety of social podcasting app services available to help you promote your business. In order to get the most from these services, however, you need to use the best social podcasting app that is most suitable for your purposes. The typical social network podcasting site requires a subscription fee that can sometimes be quite expensive. On top of that, not every user is able to create a custom podcast feed from their home computer, so if you want to make the most of the social media aspect of podcasting it’s recommended that you look towards an online community instead. These communities have become a popular option in social podcasting circles because they allow subscribers to interact with each other while also promoting their own podcasts to the rest of the membership.

Most podcasting sites are membership based. This means that you can either become a podcast host or subscriber to a community where you’ll share your podcast among thousands of others. With most online community’s subscriptions fees being significantly lower than podcasting networks, there is no reason not to join. In fact, the online community offers some amazing benefits to podcast hosts and subscribers. Here are just a few of the benefits that many people enjoy having when they participate in a community-based social networking community:

  • Community: A community is built around a particular topic or niche. By participating in a specific community, such as WordPress podcasting, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field and other users will gravitate towards you and follow your advice. Not only does this result in free advertising, but also helps solidify your position as an expert within the podcasting community. It’s not uncommon for users to pass along information about your podcast to their contacts, friends, and email list, further building your reputation and credibility.
  • Push notifications: Many podcasters love push notifications. These allow users to receive content via email, and stream them straight to their desktop, mobile device, or blog. This form of personalization and convenience makes the podcasting experience very convenient and enjoyable. If your podcast content is available through an online social network, then push notifications can be set up in minutes for each new episode, ensuring you’re always getting the latest fresh content.
  • Access to RSS Feeds: A great advantage of a podcasting community is the ability to subscribe to an RSS feed of the content on the podcasting site. The RSS feed of a particular podcast contains all of the latest new episodes and gives users the ability to listen while they’re away from home. The best podcasts make this part of the subscription process simple and easy, but others may charge a small fee for this service. The benefit of the RSS feed is the constant flow of new content, and the ability to save time by only listening to the podcasts you want to hear. This also helps solidify your place in the podcasting community and helps create a sub-culture around your podcast.
  • AdSenseibility: Another benefit of a podcasting community is the ability to monetize it through the use of AdSense. Many podcasters will include advertising within the podcast itself, and can earn additional revenue each time one of their subscribers clicks on the ad. When using this option with an online social network, this becomes a very powerful advertising method. Not only do you have the potential to reach a worldwide audience, but you also have the ability to target a specific demographic with tailored ads. With a podcast, advertisers are only a few clicks away! With the right advertising, a podcasting community can become a major source of income for the podcasters themselves, as well as an exciting new venue for advertising in a medium that was not previously used.

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