September 28, 2023

Cut Flowers importers in Netherlands Cut Flowers Netherlands

Drip-irrigation transports water directly to each plant, minimising waste. To protect the plants from pests and disease, the flowers are sprayed and predatory mites are released to eat insects such as red spider mites and thrips, which feed on and damage the plants. Schnittblumen Holland have to be transported quickly using a “cold-chain” – a series of refrigerated facilities on farms, lorries, planes, and boats – which put the flowers into a dormant state, so they stay fresh. This allows a rapid transfer from farm to shop within hours, if going by plane, says Sylvie Mamias, secretary general of Union Fleurs, the international flower trade association. Remember that supplying to large supermarkets often means that you will be supplying flowers under their private labels, which also entails compliance with social corporate responsibility standards. The most important B2B schemes for roses are MPS, GLOBALG.A.P., Fairtrade and ETI.

The Netherlands is a major trade hub for flowers and the most important point of entry for cut roses from developing countries. Exports of cut roses from the Netherlands were worth €975 million in 2015. The auction and the Dutch traders offer a sophisticated trade network to the whole of Europe and beyond. Its position in the heart of the European flower business makes the Netherlands an interesting market for exporters from developing countries. We have strict quality control measures in place, starting with buying the best bulbs on the market.

Today, the Netherlands is number five on the list of countries by export. More than 80 percent of all flower bulbs worldwide are grown in the Netherlands. Holland America’s Owner, President, and CEO Benno Dobbe grew up on a family flower bulb farm in the Netherlands. Benno emigrated with his wife Klazina and their 3 children, Nicolette, Ben and Stefan to Woodland WA in 1980. In 1986 they extended their business to Arroyo Grande CA. Ben, COO and Senior Sales Executive, and Nicolette, Sales Executive, continue to carry on with the family tradition. Many great key employees are also considered part of the family business.

In our webshop we added a new filter, so you can easily choose products from growers who meet the criteria set by the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative. FSI members strive for 90% responsibly produced and traded volumes by 2025. Contact your import agent or your potential client about any additional requirements if you wish to supply directly to the European import market, bypassing the Dutch flower auction. Growers are responsible for the grading and the reliability of the information that they provide with their lot at the flower auction.

Tariffs In 2017, the average tariff for Netherlands in Cut Flowers was 3.57%. Our assortment includes lilies, chrysanthemums and other potted plants from Holland. All possible parameters that affect the market covered in this research study were accounted for, viewed in extensive detail, verified through primary research, and analyzed to obtain final quantitative and qualitative data.

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