August 13, 2022

An Auckland Galleries With A New Focus

Established in 1998, Grove Square Galleries is an internationally recognised contemporary art gallery and cultural organisation representing an international selection of established and emerging artists from across the UK. Established by Jon Stone, the Gallery was created to bring forward the most innovative medium to the mediums of contemporary artists. Combining a vision with a firm belief, Jon Stone believes that art should be enjoyed, understood and shared. An ever-changing and constantly evolving process, the aim and mission of Grove Square Galleries is to bring artists from all over the world together for an ever-changing and rewarding experience. Operating as a not-for-profit company, the Gallery is keen to ensure that it continues to support and encourage contemporary artists whilst building upon its long-term association with the London community through its flagship events, exhibitions and public events.

The Gallery’s vision is to create a forum for conversations, interaction and understanding between people from differing backgrounds and perspectives. With the help of its advisory service the Gallery is able to present and promote events that benefit the local population while allowing established artists to showcase their work and discuss the impact of contemporary art on society at large. Combining an impressive line-up of local and international artists, the Gallery has an extensive programme of both permanent and temporary exhibition events, educational programmes, cultural events and social events, festivals and community based events. An ongoing commitment to quality is vital to the growth and success of the Gallery. It is imperative that all participants, staff and volunteers are committed to ensuring that the entire process, the decisions taken and the outcome of each activity are delivered in the most successful manner possible.

The most popular area of interest for most visitors to the Gallery is its flagship “Solo Exhibition” programme, whereby solo artists display work they have been involved in whilst working at the Gallery. The first of these was the solo exhibition of outgoing artist Christopher Kieling, who displayed his work during the spring of 2021. This was a major breakthrough for the Gallery as well as Christopher, who have exhibited work in a variety of prestigious venues such as the Saachi Gallery in Christchurch, New Zealand; the Saachi Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand; the International Centre of Photography in Cambridge, UK and the National Gallery in Washington D.C. Another major exhibition which enjoyed great success was that of National artist Peter Rush Jr., who showcased his solo exhibition entitled “The Best of Times”. A more recent exhibition which enjoyed great success was the installation of the work of local artist Lee Billups, entitled “Foster’s Park”, which helped raise funds for the Botanic Garden. You can get more information about Grove Square Galleries.

The overall focus of the Gallery is to enhance the lives of its clients through offering innovative and original exhibitions and contemporary arts events. To this end, the Gallery is committed to maintaining a long-term relationship with the city’s established collectors and art dealer organisations. In order to do this, the Gallery partners with some of the country’s best contemporary artists to produce exciting and informative exhibitions and silent auctions. The partners also include the companies that supply the products used in these exhibitions, in order to maximise their value for the clients.

The Gallery is committed to preserving and promoting the rich oral culture which exists within the communities of the world’s largest cities. In line with this commitment, the Gallery presents an annual oral presentation, “Offensive Aspects of Contemporary Art”, at the Grove Square Galleries, in conjunction with the New Zealand Society of Authors, in January every year. The oral programme is facilitated by Associate Professor Dr Helen Webber that allows invited speakers from overseas to share their perspectives on contemporary art. These presentations conclude with a Q&A session that invites participants to ask questions and submit written comments. This programme is designed to be an inspiring and illuminating experience that gives everyone the opportunity to experience the beauty of the spoken word.

The Gallery is committed to developing its partnerships with the local, national and international community in order to support the activities of independent artists, Diaspora organisations, academic organisations, collectors, businesses and government agencies. With this commitment, Grove Square Galleries has become a vital partner for the development and maintenance of local arts and culture in Auckland, providing a forum for the exchange and promotion of information. We are pleased to have worked successfully with key stakeholders to promote and develop the cultural, recreational and economic resources of the area, while at the same time maintaining the freedom of expression of our artists and our artistic endeavours. The partnership between the Gallery and the community in Auckland has enabled both organisations to benefit from a comprehensive range of artistic and community activities that promote and sustain the vital role of the gallery in supporting local artists, diasporic and indigenous arts and cultural activities.